Metal Roofing

What is Residential Metal Tile Roofing?

Metal Tile Roofing or "Stone Coated Steel", as it is often referred to, can be a fantastic substitute for clay-based ceramic tile roofing. Stone Coated Steel Roofing contains strikingly similar appearance and attraction as clay tile roofing while offering the additional advantages associated with installing energy-efficient, solar reflecting metal tile. Installing a metal tile roof as opposed to clay-based alternatives removes many constraints such as weight and coloring restrictions.

Metal Tile Roofing is available in a great variety of textures and color combinations to effectively suit almost every design preference while being more affordable than comparable clay tile. And in addition to the reduction in energy costs, a metal tile roof installation could drastically reduce the costs of your homeowner's insurance because of its superior durability to the elements.

Today's manufacturers of metal tile stone coated steel roofing include Allmet, ATAS, Decra, Gerard, and Metro, to name a few. Contact a local metal roofing contractor to determine which metal tile roofing material is best for your home.

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